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Hotel Management Software

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Hotel Management involves combination of various skills like management, marketing, human resource development, and financial management, inter personal skills, dexterity, etc. Hotels are a major employment generator in tourism industry. Work in the area of Hotel Management involves ensuring that all operations, including accommodation, food and drink and other hotel services run smoothly.

Features Available
Reservation/Front Office
  • Walk-In Entry
  • Room Reservation, Check-In and Reservation Cancellation
  • Tariff and Room type Configuration
  • Room creation & configuration
  • Reservation chart with current room status
  • Reservation Voucher and 'C' form of reservation (Non-Indian customer)
  • Manage additional charges like food, Laundry, Telephone and Other charges by Room
Check-Out Process
  • Single Room check-out: any type of entry (group or single room entry).
  • Group Room check-out (if group room entry)
Billing (Three types) with Complementary and Bill cancel option.
  • Single Room Bill (Either single room check out or group room check out)
  • Combine Entry Bill (Single bill of different entries or check-out)
  • Combine Room Bill (Bill of Selected room of group room entry or check-out)
  • Billing with multi payment mode like Cash, Credit and Credit Card
  • Receipt Option in case of Credit and Advance Payment received with multi payment mode (Cash, Credit Card and Cheque )
  • Daily Cash Balance against Bill
  • Occupancy
  • Bill summary
  • Walk in entry/reservation enquiry
User Manager and change password
  • Manage your user roles
  • Edit/ update password