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Online Food Order Android Application

Free Estimate for Online Food Order App

Online Food Order Application allows you to view and use the complete Food menu and content for the purpose of placing an order directly at your Door Step. Just grab your mobile, place your order and get piping hot food delivered at your door step with our army of delivery boys, food once ordered through the App, is quickly delivered to you within an assured time. It is convenient and just a few taps away.

Features Available
Login with OTP
  • Login is done through mobile number.
Login with Email & Password
  • Login is done through Email Id & Password
Food Categorization
  • Food is categorized according to category
Customize product by available add-on(s)
  • Customization can be done on the basis of sizes, Toppings, Spicy Level
Add to cart and order online
  • Selected Food Item can be added in the Cart and can be ordered Online.
Option to place order for "later"
  • Order can be placed for Future dates also.
View Cart & Checkout
  • Added Food Item can be viewed in the Cart
Payment Modes - Online Payment, Cash on Delivery, Card On Delivery
  • Online Payment, Cash on Delivery, Card On Delivery mode is available for payment.
Customer Profile
  • Customer can view its Profile.
Feedback / Reviews
  • Customer can give review or Feedback for Food Quality,Restaurant.
Email, SMS & FCM Push notification
  • Customer gets notify through SMS, Email & FCM Push notification.
Delivery & Take Away
  • Delivery modes - "Delivery" & "Take Away".
Discount Coupons
  • Discount available for all food category/All categories.
Add Food Item to Favorites
  • Particular food item can be added to users favorite.
Search Food Item in Food Category
  • Customer can search food item in particular food category.
Features Available For Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy Profile

  • Delivery Boy can view its Profile.

Current Order status

  • Delivery Boy can update the Order Status(Delivered/Not Delivered).

Option to Map Delivery Address(Google Map)

  • Delivery Boy can map the address of the Customer through Google Map

View Past Delivered Orders

  • Delivery Boy can view the past delivered Orders