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Restaurant Management Software

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While on the surface managing a Restaurant & Bar may look easy, it's not. There is a lot more to having an efficient, controlled and profitable Restaurant & Bar than it may appear. As in dealing with Food & Beverages, there are lots of ways to lose money. Why you would lose money? When our software solution is here...

Features Available
Financial year data manager
  • Manage your data financial year wise
  • Automated financial year creation process
  • Multi-user and user friendly application
Floors & Table- Floor and Table configuration with
  • Table Reservation and Cancellation with advance amount facility.
  • Group or single Table allocation
  • Floor wise stock handling
  • Floor wise menu and user configuration
  • Join allotted table
  • Table shifting

(Single or Multiple KOT) with Complimentary and return item facility and KOT splitting in multiple bills options.

  • Table KOT
  • Room service KOT with Plan KOT
  • Packing KOT

Three type billing with Item wise or on bill taxes and discount and Multiple Payment modes. Cancel and Bill update option with permission based.

  • Table billing
  • Room Service Billing
  • Packing Billing
  • Receipt option against credit billing
Stock Management
  • Kitchen (ingredients) and Stockable Menu Items reports.
  • Kitchen items and Stockable menu items purchase
Stock Adjustment
  • Stock adjustment option for Breakage or Wastage.
Customer Or Supplier
  • Record all regular customer and supplier.
  • Complete accounting module with Balance sheet and Trial Balance and Various account reports
  • Kitchen (Ingredients) Item Stock Reports
  • Stockable Menu Stock Reports
  • Daily Balance Report
  • Bill Summary in giving date range
  • Vat Summary
  • Purchase Summary
  • Complementary Item report
  • Selling item report
  • Bill Delete History report and many more reports
Extra Facility
  • Alert on customer birth day and anniversary day
  • Auto and Manual Data Backup option
  • SMS and Email Facility
  • Configurable paper size of KOT and Bill with Plan or preprinted paper.