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Transport Management Software

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Transport Tracking System to keep track of profitability by vehicle, trips and expenses during transportation. Track all expenses for trucks and trips such as fuel, spare parts, allowances and services. Wide variety of flexible analytical reports provided.

Features Available
  • Employee : Manage Employee Contact Details
  • Customer/Vendor : Manage Customer and Vendor Contact Details
  • Company : Company Creation
  • City/State : Manage City/State Details
  • Insurance Company : Insurance Company Setup
  • Vehicle Supplier : Manage Vehicle Supplier Contact Details
  • Income Expenditure Head : Manage Expenditure Head Details
  • Parts : Manage Parts & Tools Details
Vehicle Module
  • Vehicle Detail
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Tools Management
Bilty Module
  • Bilty
  • Undo cancel Bilty
Trip Income Module
  • Per Trip Income
  • Supplier Amount
Extra Features
  • Email Facility
  • Insurance Expiry Alert
  • Finance Expiry Alert
  • Pollution Expiry Alert
  • Explosive Expiry Alert
  • Permit Expiry First Alert
  • Permit Expiry Second Alert
  • Calibration Expiry Alert
  • Tax Expiry Alert
  • Last EMI Alert
  • Monthly EMI Alert
  • Fitness Expiry Alert
  • Driver License Expiry Alert
  • Alert for oil change in Vehicle
  • Customers List
  • Suppliers List
  • Vehicle List
  • Trip Profit
  • Vehicle Supplier Amount
  • Bilty List
  • Cancel Bilty List
  • Issue/Submit Items
Additional Features
  • Multi Company Creation
  • Company wise Financial Year Creation
  • Accounts
  • Company wise Tally Integration
  • Truck wise Income and Expenses
  • Owner wise Income and Expenses
  • Company wise Income and Expenses